How to modify Grub's settings to Manjaro

One thing that I like about Manjaro that is not present with Endevour is that with the GRUB bootloader, since I am dual booting Windows and GNU/Linux, when I used to have Manjaro if I select to boot into Windows the next time I turn my PC on, it will automatically highlight Windows. But if I boot into Manjaro, the next time I turn my PC on it will highlight Manjaro.

With other distros this does not happen, how do I modify the GRUB so it functions like Manjaro’s version of the GRUB bootloader menu?

You can use grub customizer and set to boot either one or the other or last boot.

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Whats the name of the package that I need to install?


Edit: yay -S grub-customizer

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I use grub-customizer on dual boot windows 10 and EndeavourOS set to boot last boot. That way if windows is updating and needs to restart to finish the install it will stay on Windows.

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If you do not want to install grub-customizer then according to a few lines toward the end of the Endeavour grub:

# Uncomment to make GRUB remember the last selection. This requires to
# set 'GRUB_DEFAULT=saved' above.

Edit grub accordingly and then rebuild it with:
sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg


Oh, that actually makes sense, but what happens if Windows does its updates and restarts and the computer boots into Linux instead and when you restart your computer and boot into Windows, would it still complete the updates without messing something up?

It won’t boot into Linux if you set it to boot last boot as it’s in Windows so it will reboot to what it’s booted into currently. If you’re in Linux it will boot to Linux. I don’t trust Windows updates so i don’t risk not finishing them.

Yes of course I don’t trust em either. Has it ever caused any issues for you?

Not with it set up this way.

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Do you use shutup10 by any chance?

No i just set all the settings in Windows 10 to turn off everything that i can. I get rid of all the Candy Crush and any Windows store apps i can. I don’t like apps. I prefer the software so if it’s skype, i down load it. If it’s spotify i download it. I try to stay away from any and all Windows apps.

Turning off those settings does not turn off all the trackers without the use of third party software.

Same over here. But surprisingly they have KDE Windows apps.