How to make Windows 10 vaugly usable for a Linux user

So, as many of you know, I do in fact (need to) use Windows 10 for work. I get office included with our work emails, if I need to make adjustments to my irrigation system, there is an application required that doesn’t work outside of Windows (I don’t even think it works on Mac).

That being said. Windows is this uncustomizable lump of trash of an OS. I went through asking Windows tech support, and basically everything they said was, Windows isn’t supported by that, you’ll need 3rd party software. . . so tell me, what 3rd party software do you all use?

I really need:

  • easy virtual desktop use/integration.
  • a more customizable task bar - preferably with virtual desktop integration
  • a program similar to plank/latte-dock
  • a way to modify shortcuts! (I cannot fathom they don’t let you change shortcuts, but alas, windows help said that’s not possible.)
  • I need my titlebar icons for maximize/minimize/close window on the LEFT SIDE OF THE DAMN SCREEN WHERE THEY BELONG. Nothing drives me up the wall more than that. I hate going to the right side of the screen for that.
  • a way to tile applications similar to i3. bonus points if it could be turned on and off like zentile, or the kde script. I do believe I can at least snap windows left/right like in Cinnamon, so this is like a minimal request, but it would be fantastic.

Other programs you all use and where to get them please.

Open source goes to the top of the list. And I’m not paying for anything. I would rather donate to Linux programs.

Thank you all very much! And I’m sorry that I need to even ask, but I do need help

3 Likes for themes, icons, wallpapers, theme tools. great startmenu replacement even after some features are disabled after the trial period. tweaking tools. dock / docks. On windows I use Winstep Xtreme but It’s paid.

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I’m not promoting anything, but…
If i were you i’d use :pirate_flag: Windows 7 and :pirate_flag: programs :laughing:

But don’t tell nobody :shushing_face:

And btw, are you absolutely 1000% sure it’s not working on Wine, your program i mean?
I mean…If i could make Photoshop CC work, probably it should be little easier.

Yes. As state in another thread, this is for work. I run a multi-million dollar Toro Lynx irrigation system to run my golf course. And to access it offsite, the only program Toro has thus far created only works on Windows. And even if there was some way to force it to work, my $5000+/year 24 hour customer service we pay for won’t help me if I’m not running Windows 10. . . so. Yes 1000% sure.


There is an Android/iOS app. . . if there is a guaranteed way to use Android apps on Linux could work. But the last time I tried Anbox, or anything along those lines, there was only marginal success running apps on LInux. But that could possibly work.


What exactly do you need to do with shortcuts?

I always close applications with super+shift+x (thanks to a lot of use of i3, I can’t break that habit).

Chocolatey (package management), Cygwin, Xorg, KDE.

(Yes, GNU userland on Windows - make Windows usable again!)


Oh you mean keyboard shortcuts, i for some reason thought of what they call shortcuts which is equivalent of .desktop :laughing:

Yeah, no idea on that one…Never really needed that myself
Maybe that crap will help

btw, why not use some stupid iPad connected to wall 24/7 instead, they seem to have mobile version

Even that is better than Win 10 i guess :laughing:

So I download chocolatey, and then from chocolatey, I can go in and install other things?

Also, DDG found me something called fancy zones that looks interesting.

Because I don’t own an ipad. . . And generally loathe trying to use tablets. But it’s an option.
And I have to use outlook for meetings and such at work too. So a computer for work just makes sense. I just want to make it more Linux like so it’s at least usable.

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I know, i know…Just really don’t want you to sell your soul to devil :laughing:
Ok, last chance!

Send link of that irrigation system to Richard Stallman, he’ll harass their proprietary ass :rofl:

Maybe at least in future it will be possible to run on Linux, although doesn’t look very likely :unamused:

I found some references using WSL on linux:

Here is another link on installing linux desktops using WSL:

Maybe that could work. Just run Linux for most of the time. Interesting idea. I will look into that. If nothing else, applications would be completely taken care of since I know what I use here already.

I’m intrigued by possible DE’s though. And I don’t know if 8gb of RAM is enough to do all of that.

There is autohotkey, haven’t used it in years, but it is simple to write /download scripts to do most things.


If the Android app will do what you need to do and if just controlling your Android device from Linux is good enough, you might want to have a look at:

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I use Scrcpy and simply love it.


Essentially, yes. choco up also takes care of updating packages software installations similar to a proper package manager. It’s not perfect, but it’s a heck of a lot better than nothing.

Just wondering if you have a powerful enough computer, would running windows in VW ware workstation in linux be an option? I did work on virtual machines switching distros back and forth, especially on mac osx to run linux.

On linux, virtualbox did not bode well with windows, after few updates it became very slow.

However, got vmware workstation for free at university and it seemed to be stable and fast to run win10 on linux. This way you have a stable system but can run your software via windows when needed. I dont know about hardware support via vm though and whether that works for your application.

I installed a dual boot system with two 1 Tb ssd for work with win10 and Endeavour OS on each of them. That works too.

Genymotion works better than Anbox . Well anbox didn’t even work for me . I did run Whatsapp on genymotion without any troubles . The only problem was I couldn’t figure out how to enable microphone , camera was okay . Maybe you wanna try . It’s in AUR

Don’t forget to turn off telemetry