How to make thunar conform to windows manager?

In any application, Alt+F8 to resize window, Alt+F11 to toggle fullscreen. In fact, the Alt is not always necessary. I can’t get this behavior in Thunar, why?


PS I realize after closing Thunar that this problem is not permanent, and I’m not able to reproduce it. I must have done something to lock Thunar into full screen (and hide the top part that says ‘[username] - Thunar’ hidden).

Thunar is not exactly designed to be a file-manager for WMs, unless you know your way around configuring it to your needs. Also it might be, that some functionalities (like custom actions) for Thunar weren’t installed or configured?

PCManFM might fit your needs more, potentially.

Depending on your WM and liking, you might also want to take a look at rox-filer.

As I am not deeply into WMs, maybe some other folks here can attend to help out with your specific problem…


In full screen mode the title bar can be shown and hidden with Alt+F11.

This behavior should be set for all windows and programs (which support this behavior).
Fine-tuning of the window management → Accessibility → Hide window title for enlarged windows

Better use Alt+F10 to switch to toggle mode.

That’s all I can think of at the moment.

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