How to make a current arch-based Distro into EndeavourOS?

hey all,

i really appreciate your community. so much so that i want to take my current install and join it to EndeavourOS. what’s the best way to do that without reinstalling?

this install was Antergos once upon a time, but when Antergos closed down, i followed their guide to make it a straight Arch distro. i’d like to now take this “arch” distro and make it EndeavourOS. i think you use the same basic repos though, yes? as main Arch?

any thoughts are appreciated. i just much prefer your community.


I haven’t tested this but I think these would be the basic steps.

Add the EndeavourOS repo to /etc/pacman.conf below the Arch repos.

Install a couple of prerequisites direct from a mirror, like this:

sudo pacman -U
sudo pacman -U

Update your system with sudo pacman -Syu

Install eos-hooks, grub-tools and grub2-theme-endeavouros

Optionally install the packages welcome and reflector-simple


thanks! i’l give that a go and we’ll see!


I did that a month ago; I installed Arch manually then “migrated” to Endeavour.


That is quite impressive! I take it that you don’t like installing frequently a distro from scratch. Although eos is quite easy to install, might be worth the refresher.

The beauty of an Arch-based system is that you don’t need to re-install. You can keep installs running indefinitely.


thanks, zircon! well, as dalto says, the system is nice and stable already, and very flexible within the arch sphere. i won’t reinstall unless i really, really have to. XD

@dalto thank you! everything went smoothly! so i guess i’m in the EndeavourOS family now!

i’ve had my wife on it for some time, and i’m happy to finally officially join in myself!


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