How to maintain a orphan AUR package

For example this package is a orphan:

What steps I have to take to becomes it’s maintainer? Note that this package is not dead and still maintained on

Create account on AUR, go to package page, and click “Adopt package” on right panel.


Thanks a lot. I should have figured it myself before asking. BTW does flyincakes maintain any AUR packages? just asking. Also how to find new packages on github which don’t have any packager?

I guess the only way is to look at a github project and check if it already is in one of the repos or the AUR. Overall I would say the best course of action is to only adapt and maintain AUR packages, that you yourself are relying or actively working on. Just looking for any random projects and adding them just for the sake of it is pretty pointless.


+1, I maintain some packages I don’t personally use and it can be painful because you often don’t know when there are issues. When there are issues, figuring our the correct way to solve them isn’t always obvious.

Further, I would warn you that maintaining packages is not a one-time effort. It is an ongoing workload and people expect a relatively short turn-time on updates and issue resolution.


Also keep in mind that this is a VCS package and probably doesn’t need updating unless the build process fails. VCS packages do not need to be updated for each and every upstream commit, tag, or release.

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Understood. Thanks a lot guys. Getting influenced by people who are maintaining 200+ packages doesn’t seem a right choice.

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