How to let package maintainer know the package is out of date?


In the official repositories the package python-qtconsole is out of date. It has been flagged as out of date. Can anything else be done to let the maintainer know it is out of date? Another question what does the maintainer do to make the package installable?



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You can go here and make a report.

But it is, as you said, flagged already.

This may also be interesting to read.

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It’s only been flagged out of date as of yesterday. Come on, give Mr. Rojas a day or two to update it. All will be well.


That is pretty much all that needs to be done. They get notified when the package is flagged. However, keep in mind that they are volunteers working in their free time. There is some lag between when software is updated and when it gets packaged.

They have to update the PKGBUILD and test.

Unless there are major changes, it is typically just a matter of updating the pkgver.

If you would like to get it sooner, you can download the PKGBUILD, modify the pkgver and build the new package on your machine.


Thanks I will try to build it.