How to let Calibre wireless/server through firewalld

Hello everyone
This is my first post, as I’m new to EOS, so please excuse me if I’m posting in the wrong place.
I usually transfer books between my laptop (from Calibre) to my kindle wirelessly. On EOS, I’m not able to because of the firewall. I know next to nothing when it comes to networking and firewalls. I had to remove firewalld, reboot, then transfer my book, then install firewalld back. What do I need to do to let Calibre through the firewall? I’d faced a similar issue with KDEConnect, but there is kdeconnect with a checkbox next to it on firewalld list that I checked for it to work. Calibre wasn’t showing on the list.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

According to the documentation, it runs on port 8080.

So, do this:

  • Switch to permanent configuration from the dropdown
  • Select the services tab
  • Add a service for TCP 8080 called “Calibre”
  • Then check the box the same way you did for KDE connect

Thank you so much. I did that and Calibre is there now, but it is still a little confusing. Do I keep firewall at runtime or permanent? Or is that permanent option is just to tell the firewall that these applications are to be let through all the time? Also, Claibre provides an IP address, does that need to be added, too, or is it just the port that is needed?

Runtime means you making the change to the current running config. However, if you reboot or reload firewalld, the change will be lost. Permanent is the opposite. It doesn’t affect the running config but once you set it, the change will be permanent after you reload or reboot.

Opening the port should be sufficient


Thank you so much. Makes a lot of sense. I will need to watch some tutorials on firewald


Welcome to the friendly and knowledgeable EndeavourOS forum. I hope you enjoy your time here.



Thank you, much appreciated.:slight_smile:


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