How to keep eos-update-notifier notifications in plasma notify history?

I have one QoL question about this wonderful little app :slight_smile: How do I set it to get stored within Plasma’s notifications history list?

I already ticked the checkbox to Show in history within Plasma notification settings, but whenever I get this updates available popup by Eos in the bottom right screen, it’s there for 30sec, then disappears, and for example if I’m out in the kitchen making my coffee or something, I never knew there was a system update when I come back, unless I manually check via pacman -Syu or the eos-notifier gets triggered again in the next hour :smiley:

Thanks in advance

you can also run checkupdates however that doesn’t solve your issue. I don’t know if plasma has a way to adjust for the time of display for notifications that maybe something you may want to look into if you want to use a notifier app. Being a Rolling Release there will be updates so you can just run the update once a day like many do or you could do as others of us and just update once a week or so.

Thanks for your input, thats what I’m doing if I 6th sensed that I might have missed out a popup :slight_smile:

@smokey yeah, unfortunately that setting does not affect the eos’s notifier for an odd reason, however I think I might have found something. I’m gonna test and come back with results

It seems I have to always open up a topic in order to find my own solution lmao :smiley:

Its in hungarian, but basically its under Notification, and it turned out that I had to manually turn on this “keep in history” tickbox in the “Other applications” aswell (or whatever its english equivalent is) - leaving it here just in case others need this.


Nice, I didn’t even think about this option even though I was just looking at it. Glad you found an answer.


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