How to install Yandex/Spanish in Endeavouros?


Does anyone know how to get Yandex in Spanish for archlinux? --it is not in the repos or in AUR.
I also did not see any useful information in my searches.


Do you mean the browser, or the Yandex translator?

There are a lot of Yandex:es in the AUR.

I might be an idiot here, I haven’t try’d Yandex Browser, but is it not possible to install:

And then installing the desired language pack?

i found it, it is called yandex-browser-beta (AUR) now the problem is with the language package for spanish

I managed to get a certain configuration into Spanish in ‘setings’ and i tried it somewhat but at a certain point of the configurations they ask you for a “registration”, do you know that …? forget it, these people are worse than google, they want your phone number. I uninstalled it. I’m not going to be able to read anymore in Spanish.