How to install wireguard plugin in network manager? (noob question for vpn)

I install wireguard-tools but it doesn’t seems like it’s installed in network manager, tho OpenVPN is there I want to use Wireguard.

I am not using wireguard myself so this is based on some quick search:

  1. NetworkManager having native support for WireGuard, you may need to use command line to set up the interface:


  1. There is this, rather quite old, project at Github. It may or may not work.

:bangbang: Disclaimer: as stated before, I don’t use WireGuard myself and consequently not Network-Manager-Wireguard so I cannot speak to it. Please do some research on your own.


sure would do, I am a newbie in Linux itself while Endeavour OS being my second OS after ubuntu, still figuring out everything.