How to install Vanilla Openbox?

I want to get into OpenBox/AwesomeWM ricing in a VM, is there a way to install vanilla openbox/awesome only, without any de alongside?

This should get you started:

Do an online install and don’t select any DE packages.

Then you can install openbox and awesome post-install.

Also, welcome to the forum!


Thanks a lot! Happy to be here.

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Make Sure to select community edition in the welcome app for the online install to find openbox if you wanted a pre-themed version.

Edit: missed the vanilla in the title… Nevermind.

If you change your mind about the vanilla version, the pre-themed version is pretty nice. I installed it as the only systemn on my laptop a few days ago and have been using it daily ever since.

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and …

where you can do what dalto says (choose no DE to be installed) and add the packages you want for openbox into the user_pkglist file :wink:

This is how I go to test DE/WM installs

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