How to install using UEFI in a system that has Legacy installed?

I have an older laptop (not that old) that has an install of Manjaro that I keep because of the amount of custom work I did on it. I want to split the SSD and install EnOS using UEFI. I have tried my best, but it just doesn’t work. It only sees the Manjaro install. Is there a way around this or do I start backing up everything and just install EnOS from start using UEFI?

Assuming UEFI is supported and enabled in the BIOS it should be possible. Although the disk probably needs to have a gpt partition table which it may not. You can do legacy/GPT but I am not sure that you can do UEFI/MBR.

That being said, I would either back everything up and start over or just do a legacy install of EOS.

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Thanks Dalto. I think I’ll back everything from the Manjaro side and do a UEFI install of EnOS (UEFI is supported on the laptop). I want to have an install using UEFI, and don’t want to get lost in both worlds of legacy and UEFI

You do have to select one or the other if it’s the same drive.

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Yep, same SSD

only the opposite would work, you can install legacy on a gpt disk… but i am not sure abaut having both running like booting efi or legacy …

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