How to install 'StockfishNNUE' into scid_vs_pc?

Any way thanks for try to help, as i said it is more complex of what i previouly thought – i dont think this is Stockfishnnue since the ‘neural net’ is not installed.

And in my case, this is what i got … i’m not able to install anything:

@Keos see my edit.

Copy nnue file to /usr/local/bin, then:

By default NNUE is off, but it can be enabled with the Use NNUE (true/false) UCI option, provided the EvalFile option points to the network file (if you put it in the same directory as the engine it should work, but in some cases you may need to specify the full path).

It picked it up immediately , use the nn-9931 nnue file.

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I don’ understand this, what do you means by copy nnue file /usr/local/bin (what is here at thunar manager is stockfish – /usr/local/bin/stockfish)

And scid do not allow me copy/paste …

The blog says the nnue file must be in the same directory as the nnue enabled stockfish.


sudo cp /path/to/nnue-9931aaaaaa.nnue /usr/local/bin

Obviously use the correct file name :wink:

Then open engines and check using the configure button by protocols.

I wish I could get the damned theme to work so I can screenshot it.

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type or paste code here
```[keos@keos-pc ~]$ sudo cp /path/to/nnue-9931aaaaaa.nnue /usr/local/bin
[sudo] password for keos: 
cp: cannot stat '/path/to/nnue-9931aaaaaa.nnue': No such file or directory
[keos@keos-pc ~]$

As I said …

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type or pkeos@keos-pc ~]$ sudo cp /path/nn-82215d0fd0df.nnue /usr/local/bin
[sudo] password for keos: 
cp: cannot stat '/path/nn-82215d0fd0df.nnue': No such file or directory
[keos@keos-pc ~]$  

@Keos - substitute the correct file and path into the command I gave you, I don’t want to be rude, but if you cannot follow simple instructions, I will give up.

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the problem is that i don’t know what is ‘the correct file’, i dont see anything here about it, i don’t understand …

And if you are talking about it …

[keos@keos-pc ~]$ sudo cp /path/nn-9931 nnue /usr/local/bin
[sudo] password for keos: 
cp: cannot stat '/path/nn-9931': No such file or directory
cp: cannot stat 'nnue': No such file or directory
[keos@keos-pc ~]$ 

You downloaded the neural network file?

Copy that file to /usr/local/bin. It is your computer, I do not know where you download to, so gave the command with /path/to/file.

On my machine it would be:

sudo cp /home/stevef/Downloads/nn-9931db908a9b.nnue /usr/local/bin
[keos@keos-pc ~]$ sudo cp /home/keos/Descargas/nn-82215d0fd0df.nnue /usr/local/bin
[keos@keos-pc ~]$

Now do what he told you to next after this.


I’m totaly lost now, there is nothing at “Descargas” (loads)

Add the stockfish that we compiled earlier

orden /usr/local/bin/stockfish <<<< browse to it with “examinar”

Click on configurar give me a screenshot if it is not working.

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The ‘thing’ is playing!


I have just created a new user with a light theme) :rofl:

Oh well.


And thank you very much for your patience with this old man.! :slightly_smiling_face:

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No spring chicken here :rofl:

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