How to install rEFInd?

i am using this guide ihave it installed and i i am trying to install some icons for the OS in the middle the page tells how to change the endeavouros icon but it doesn’t work it seems refind did create the folders its looking for has this method changed thanks this is the page i am using i am also using Gnome

Hi I have no experience with rEFInd but have you looked at the Arch Wiki to see if it can help you?

Not using the distribution logo

If you see Tux instead of the Arch Logo, then you might be affected by this issue (your root partition is of type Linux x86-64 root (/) instead of Linux filesystem).

You can fix this using fdisk#Change partition type.

Additionally, if your root partition’s label is simply “Linux” or if it contains the word “linux,” Tux may be displayed. To specify the name of your distribution, consider renaming the partition label to reflect your distribution’s name.

You can fix this using a file system label.

Another way to get the Arch Logo instead of Tux, is to copy the Arch Logo image file next to your kernel (e.g. vmlinuz-linux) and give the image file the same name as your kernel.

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:point_up: That’s right, this is a quick and easy way to set this up. Check ls /boot to see what your kernel is named, then copy the icon in there with the same name (but with .png on the end).

For example:

sudo cp /usr/share/endeavouros/EndeavourOS-icon.png /boot/vmlinuz-linux.png