How to install printer driver?

Hi. How do I go about installing my printer driver? This is my printer model. As you can see in the link, there’s only rpm and deb packages officially available.

Type in to install

yay -S  brother-hll3270cdw   brother-hll3270cdw-lpr-bin

Ensure that cups is installed and enabled.

sudo systemctl status cups

Then go to your browser of choice and enter for a url


and you will get the cups installer.


Will the printer be connected via USB, on an ethernet network, or hopefully not on a WiFi network?

If the printer is on an ethernet network, firewalld may need to be adjusted.


Thanks for those instructions. I followed them and so far the printer is not responding when I try to do a test print. I checked its status in the installation interface, and it says ‘idle’. This printer is connected to my network via Wi-Fi. Is there some other settings needed because of this? What am I missing?

I have never installed a Brother Printer via WiFi before. Maybe there are some helpful clues here


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