How to install a package from a custom debian repository?

the instructions for ubuntu/debian are on german, but I think they are pretty self-explanatory

first you need to add a repo:

then you need to install the package:

any way to get this work on endeavour?

Here’s how: You don’t.

Arch is inherently incompatible with debian packages, find the package in the aur or something.

It’s like trying to install an rpm file in Debian.

Wenn Du den Rechner für die Schule benötigst, dann solltest Du auf eine Debian-basierte Distro umsteigen. Möglich auch unter VirtualBox…

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One way to find if the package already exists is give a command something like this:

yay -Ss <your-search-words>
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would be the package in quest. AFAICT it is not on the repos.

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First, welcome to the forum!

Next, you don’t.

Lastly, can you tell us what you are trying to accomplish? Maybe there is a different way to achieve the same goal here.

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thank you!

it’s a custom printer driver made for my school. Maybe there’s a way to download the deb and extract the binaries? i guess if it’s based on python there’s likely a way to get it work

Some (or many?) printer drivers for Arch systems have been implemented in a way that includes extracting a deb package.
Each Arch package needs a recipe that builds the package. The recipe will be written into file called PKGBUILD. It is essentially a bash script with a predefined structure.
See more info with command

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Debtap. It is a command-line tool that converts a Debian package into an Arch compatible package.

See this article.

Yes, by creating a PKGBUILD. There are tons of examples of that, I can find one if you need a reference.

Don’t use debtap. It is a nightmare.

how can I download the actual .deb? the repository is

The packages are here:

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It should be here:

It a mess of dependencies though.

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looks like i’ll have to use my windows dual boot for printing. Thanks for helping!