How to have /root displayed on left panel of Dolphin?

Some Os will have /root on left panel; Dophin does not.
Is there way to make it shows /root folder on it ? although i can access it by changing the address bar of dolphin or terminal. Just for convinience sake.

Right click on an empty spot in places and select “add entry”

Set the location to / and the name to “root”

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Mine does have /root in the left panel of Dolphin; however, if yours is missing, it is as simple as navigating to the folder, clicking and dragging to the left panel where you want it. Voila!

Also, if you have /root established as a separate partition, you may have it already in the left panel, but showing as a separate drive (Devices section).

Hope this helps! :wink:

Edit: @dalto beat me to the answer. His is correct, of course!



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