How to get XP-Pen Deco 03 Drawing tablet to work on Endeavour?

Hi friends! this is my first time posting here. I got this tablet as a gift and it is my first one ever, so it made me want to get into this. I’ve been trying to get it to work for a few days but it won’t work on my Endeavour OS pc :slightly_frowning_face: . From what I read online, people have been having success getting it to work. It looks like it is supposed to at least act as a mouse as soon as I connect it, but it does not. However, the buttons on the tablet do work, most notably the dial zooms in and out.

I then tried to install the drivers to see if that would solve the issue. The XP-Pen website only has links for .deb and .rpm packages, which do not work as nicely with Arch. However, there is an AUR package called xp-pen-tablet. I installed that but it did not work. There are comments on the repository by others telling the creator of the AUR package that it is not working for them.

Can someone please help me? would appreciate any help I can get to get this to work!

mine works directly so i didnt needed that driver…mayby gona try toomorow that driver too

Try OpenTabletDriver. I have a different XP-Pen tablet and it works fine. It seems that the Deco 03 is supported.

There is also a AUR package which installs the version from the git repository.