How To Get Viewnior To Resize For Next Picture

I am using viewnior as my default image viewer . Before I reinstalled Endeavour with Btrfs an update made viewnior to resize on each image i.e. when I change the image the whole UI gets resized according to the next image , instead of resizing the image . But with this install that’s not happening . I really liked it . qiv does that but it doesn’t show images on 1,2,3 order . Instead when I choose next from an image 1.jpg it shows 10.jpg :grimacing: .

Is there any work around for qiv or is there a alternative . I use Gwenview for edits , but it’s slower than viewnior . I hope @Kresimir has the solution , or @keybreak :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Nope, no clue. I use Gwenview as the default image viewer. Never even heard of Viewnior. :man_shrugging:

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I am going to try out nomacs , hope that works

It’s worth checking out , it looks so good with oxygen's window decorations :smiley:

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Haven’t heard about it either, but usually this order thing depends on locale, try to run in terminal:

env LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8 qiv


env LC_ALL=C qiv

See if it helps, if it is - you can change numerics locale system-wide…
Or change Exec for qiv and add this env there


pqiv resizes with images but I have to select all images and open them with pqiv from right click menu . That’s not what I want :frowning_face:

i use geeqie as image viewer :slight_smile:

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I tried that too :confused:

Ok the developer added this feature . There is an option to change window size with image now
Last option in this pic

Now the window will expand or shrink according to the image size you are viewing currently .
So you get an image view like this

Instead of this

Found it by accident yesterday