How to get save dialog boxes with full search functionality?

First thanks to everyone for this superb lightweight OS!

I know that this really isn’t an EndeavourOS problem but I need firefox to be able to be able to search sub-folders in the download folder while saving files.

This works perfectly on Solus Budgie(which I can’t use as I need AUR) right now and so I tried EndeavourOS Budgie and then XFCE and LKQT am not able to achieve this!

Does anyone know what combination of DE & File Picker/Chooser let’s me achieve this?

Thanks to the EneavourOS Team again!

In the gtk file chooser, try hitting ctrl+F

Thanks for the respone but Ctrl+F only searches the files in the current folder.

I want to be able to just type ‘2’ and be able to locate ‘subfolder2’ in the following folder structure

                                          Folder 1
                                          |         |
                                  Sub-folder1    Subfolder2 

It works on Solus Budgie right now but for some reason EndeavourOS Budgie doesn’t mimic this behavior.

Where or how can I change or enable this file picker/Widger setting?Can anyone kindly help?