How to get games to use graphics card (amd) instead of onboard video (intel)

When i launch games like minecraft it uses my onboard video rather than my rx 6400 card. It says that my card is installed and working just chooses the intel instead. I cannot disable the intel card in bioses, that option is not there, is there anyway to disable it in linux? I have an hp elitedesk 800 g3 twr

Is it this one ?

edit: some pci express 4 card (amd 6400, arc … ) sometimes need a minimum of pcie 3. I’m looking at the specs right now.

edit 2: Ah … good → ; 1 PCIe 3.0 x16

To help the knowledgeable members who have great experience in setting up games, I take liberty to offer you this link:

If it is a separate physical card, you don’t need to disable the intel card. The card that will be used is the one the monitor is plugged into.

I only have the hdmi hooked up to the rx6400, minecraft still says its using intel graphics and has bad fps

Standard practice is to disable the onboard card from bios
so only the nvidia card is available to render all your graphics, and work around these issues.

There are different ways to get into bios, some people press f11 on bootup, some people press f12. When you boot up you can briefly see instructions for getting into it, or you have to look it up online.

Later you can find out other methods for using both simultaneously if you want, but IMO it’s bad practice and only useful in limited circumstances because you generally want less hardware using power and creating heat, to keep the rest of your computer happy ; D

I have looked in the bios and after googling not being able to find it with my specific pc, I found that it is an option that is missing.

So I looked up your computer model and actually found a manual for it online

That manual is for the mini variants however, not the tower, but they have the same bios
basically and you should have more options on yours compared to the mini variant of
the HP EliteDesk 800 G3. The ideal way to deal with it is to disable it in bios. Otherwise you can try to disable it from the kernel command line, or, deal with it in the operating system with either nvidia drivers, or configuring your games to use one card over the other. Both of which have plently of guides online that can show you how to accomplish this.

They also have software for updating your bios on the HP website which I guess is made to be used with windows…but bios upgrades also come with new features you might be able to take advantage of too.

As i have said, the option is missing from bios. The manual is incorrect. Steam games use my rx6400 just finer, but minecraft does not.

Right AMD, sorry.

No the manual is correct that’s for the mini variant of your exact computer.

I was just trying to say, that from looking at the manual it seems that you
have a modern bios, with typical capabilities afforded by them, and I find it hard to believe
you wouldn’t have that option. Maybe you skipped over it. Because in that manual for the mini PC’s it explicitly has an option to disable various hardware components. For the tower it would likely have the exact option you’re looking for.

If you want to go a different route, with a little patient searching there are tons of answers related to your question online. I dont use amd/dual graphics card method, so I am only loosely familiar with how to accomplish what youre looking for.