How to find out details on pipewire profile "Play HiFi quality Music"

Hi there,

for reasons I need to find out if the profile “Play HiFi quality Music” assigned to my Dell monitor HDMI output matches: “24 bit, 44100Hz”

Got this question due to an initial sound problem on my Dell that can be solved with this setting in Windows

Now I try to find out where to verify/set this in pipewire.

Hi Peter

I found this on the arch wiki, but when i tried to change the sampling rate the files don’t exist? I guess they would have to be created? The default sample rate seems to be 48000 Hz, don’t know about the bitrate.

You could try:

pactl info

Edit: Found the location! The configuration files seem to be in


This article should contain the necessary infos, even though the headline does not look so.

Example quote:

In pipewire.conf change
default.clock.allowed-rates = [ 48000 ]

default.clock.allowed-rates = [ 44100 48000 ] # This is not default because:

  • Restart pipewire to apply.
  • Now these applications should be allowed to run at 44.1khz instead of the default 48khz clock


Thanks all. The parts I were missing:

I had no pipewire.conf in /etc/pipewire just the originals in /usr/share/pipewire and I just looked for “samplerate” not “clock”… :upside_down_face:

Will now play around with the settings. Thanks!

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