How to find "console" and "texteditor"

Sorry for my ignorance: looking for the two new console and texteditor apps, I do not find them. Thanks!

On every desktop environment I’ve tried, you just need to open apps menu (maybe by pressing Super AKA Windows key) and start typing the first letters of application you want to launch.

BTW, “console” is better known as “terminal” and most desktop environments have already a keyboard shortcut to open it: CTRL+ALT+T

They are in the AUR. They are still not yet feature complete apps (still under active development), so I would encourage you to stick with Gedit and Gnome Terminal, but feel free to test them out of course.

yay -S gnome-console

yay -S gnome-text-editor

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Have you looked at Konsole and Kate?

Both are terrific applications, and they come as default on KDE Plasma. Just saying… :wink:


And have way more features than the inferior gnome equivalent.

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Maybe you dropped your frog glasses, but this is a discussion in the Gnome category. Just saying… :wink:

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It doesn’t hurt to mention an alternative, just in case the OP (or anyone else reading this) wants something that works. :rofl:

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