How to download the all packages?

I want to have all the current date E,OS packages for a long period of time to use a specific date
Can someone help me with this, what is the current size of all the packages E,OS and how can I download them all?
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Make a list of all of your installed packages:

pacman -Qq > pkglist.txt

Make a dirctory to dowload these packages to, for example:

mkdir Download/archive

Download a current version of your installed packages:

sudo pacman -Syw --cachedir Download/archive/ - < pkglist.txt


Do you think it is possible to download estimate its size?

I don’t know. That depends on what you got installed on your system.

When you run the download command before pressing Y to accept, it will give you the size of the downloaded packages.

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I don’t mean the current installed packages, I mean all the repositories packages

There might be a better way of doing this that I am not aware of but this should work:

Make a list of all the packages from for example core repository:

pacman -Slq core > core-repo-pkglist.txt

Repeat this for the rest of the repos.

Perhaps what you need is to set up your own local repository but I am afraid I don’t know how to do that.

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The Arch package archives offer the ability to pull by a specific date already unless you have a specific reason to need a local copy. There are over 13,000 packages in the Arch repos.

The EOS repo itself if very small. It wouldn’t be hard to download all those packages.

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