How to downgrade Plasma 6 to Plasma 5?

I really regret running the update command last night. The last update messed up some things here, and I use my laptop for work and I don’t have enough time to look up how to fix things. I’m really thinking about switching to another distro and stopping using EOS, it seems like it wasn’t made for my type of use, with so many updates.

Is there any way to go back to the old Plasma?

Thank you guys.

Without breaking your system heavily violating main Arch principle (avoid partial updates) - no.
Other way is to roll back and not updating.


With the obligatory

DISCLAIMER that anything that my happen to your system is your own responsibility

there is this article in EnOS’ wiki “Discovery”:

Please read carefully through it to know how it works.

And also note that you have to choose a date before the new plasma packages hit the stable repos and not before the date you updated your system.

Another option would be to switch to a less “experimental”, reliable desktop environment :sweat_smile:


This is a rolling release distro of course there are lots of updates. Yes sometimes updates/upgrades causes issues. Plasma 6 is just being released and I would suspect that for the next few months there will be lots of updates for it as they fix the issues they run into. If that is not for you there are many Decent Static Distro’s that you may find more to your liking. These have less updates and are not bleeding edge. Linux Mint, Debian, OpenSuse just to name a few


I tried this, but didn’t work :sweat_smile:

Well, I’ll give a chance to the new version, but some widgets stopped working, and it’s really annoying

Thank you.


Sorry to hear that the script didn’t work out.

It is certainly!

I am sure with time more and more of those addons/widgets/extensions/plasmoids etc. will be ported to plasma 6 and hopefully you will get back your DE the way you want it.

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Installing Kubuntu 22.04 (with backports) or Debian 12.

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