How to disable sleep Thinkpad R61

How can I stop my system from going to sleep (or at least stop wifi from turning off when going to sleep) when I close the lid on my laptop, sleep.conf and logind.conf both have everything related to sleep/hibernation commented out.

OK 2 things here, you don’t mention which Desktop Environment you are using. That would be helpful. Also have you tried booting your laptop into it’s BIOS/Setup and see if there are any settings within there that may be affecting things when powering things?

To disable suspension and hibernation completely, You could try:

sudo systemctl mask

and reboot.

:warning: As always, do your own research before you copy-paste any commands given to you by any random virtual person in www.

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Whoah, sledgehammer! Would it not be more informative to the OP to find out what is causing this in the first place? Knowledge is power etc.

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Just putting the “option on the table”.

OK I get it, just keep your hand off the red button! :laughing:

That’s cool, we await more response before we can offer (hopefully) some help. :grin:

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Thank you for all the responses. I’m running I3. Nothing in the BIOS. The command mentioned worked so thank you for that. Thanks for the welcome :slight_smile: i’ve been using arch for a few months on my main pc but i’m lazy and wanted to try something new so i installed endeavouros to have fun on this cheap thinkpad i just bought for a “plug and play” experience. knowledge is the greatest power.

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Quick question btw because i couldn’t find anything about it, is there a shortcut for the power menu?

Try: $mod+Shift+e

Glad that the issue was resolved to your satisfaction.

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