How to delete uploaded eos-sendlog log

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So, really stupid question, I uploaded something with eos-sendlog on accident, that I want to delete again. However, I downloaded their client from and tried the ix -d but all I get is user required.

My question is, how long are the logs online until deleted? How can I delete it manually?

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Each pastebin provider has its own ways for managing those uploads. The upload will be deleted according to their announced schedule.
Their site is the best source of information. Wikipedia might also have some info about them.

eos-sendlog may use a few pastebin providers, depending on if you have wgetpaste-eos (or wgetpaste which provides the same app) installed. As the user, it adds user “anonymous” when using wgetpaste. For other providers eos-sendlog does not add a name, so they will use either your username or something else for that.

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Thx for the answer mate, unfortunately I couldn’t figure it out, their documentation ( is kinda lacking information :grin:
Anyway, no privacy sensitive information there anyway, was just wondering.

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