How to define other actions for touchpad buttons

Hi guys,

I have a HP ZBook17G2 Laptop using latest Cinnamon Desktop. All Updates are done.
I’d like to now how I can alter the action of the touchpad buttons. The middle button will close tabs in browsers or close windows which is of no use to me. Instead, for a telescope mount that I build it would be more use to me to start a terminal like bash or tcsh/csh (old scientific software is in need for that).

I’m not sure wheather this is a DE thing or an OS thing. Advice would be appreciated.


Have you tried the settings in Cinnamon for the touchpad?

Yes, was there but there you can’t define the actions of the buttons. Was where I looked first. The click actions mean tapping the touchpad and are not related to the buttons above and below the touchpad.

Maybe check out the wiki here?