How to deal with -git extensions file

Hello, I want to install “mintstick” software from AUR. When I type “yay mintstick”, system gives me this answer:

2 aur/mintstick 1.4.6-1
A GUI to writ .img or .iso files to a USB Key. It can also format them
1 aur/mintstick-git r217.43e1194-1
Format or write images to usb-sticks (Linux Mint tool)
Packs to install (ex: 1 2 3, 1-3 or ^4)

Should I have to install both of them (1 and 2) or just the number 2 file?

Thanks in advance!

The difference is typically that package is the latest released version while package-git is usually pulling the latest source code from the repo. This can sometimes include code which is untested or partially-tested

In most cases, you should install the non-git version. In your case, only installing #2 is probably what you want.


Thanks a lot for your reply!
I do really appreciate!

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