How to create oryx pro efi partition required for installer

Successful Method used to Create the EFI Partition on a 2020 Oryx Pro laptop

  • Using a formated or new blank nvme drive . Open Gparted and create new partition Table .
  • Select new partition table type and change from MSDOS to GPT and apply .
    Now create a FAT32 partition 512 mb in size and Label: boot/efi and add .
  • One may now create other partitions and then Apply .
  • Now select the fat32 partition and set Manage Flags to boot , esp will auto set and close window .
  • Exit gparted and at Welcome window select the " Start the Installer " .
  • At the Partitions section of the installer set Mount Point for all partitions . The fat32 partition must have Mount Point: set to " /boot/efi " and set the Flags: to boot , select OK . All other partitions must not have any flags set just Mount Points .
  • Continue and finish rest of the Installer as normal . ALL DONE , Reboot , Enjoy !