How to create an icon for 'present all windows' screen edge feature?


I use plank for my icon dock on KDE and I would really like to have an icon in my dock that does the same as the ‘present all windows’ feature when I run my mouse to the top left corner of my screen. How can I do this? On a previous distro I used “elementary OS” this was an icon in its plank but as a native application.

Keep it simple.

Only thing you need is Plasma-bar and set it as a Dock.

Then you add as mini-program present-window-button . Thats it. Quiet simple and it works as intended.

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I prefer Plank, to be honest. I am very particular about aesthetics.

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Ok no Problem, it’s up to you.
I just can’t help you with Plank :wink:

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I understand, hoping someone might know :sunglasses:

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someone will certainly be found :nerd_face:


qdbus org.kde.kglobalaccel /component/kwin invokeShortcut “ExposeAll”

Is this the functionality you want?

If so make a desktop entry for it and add it to Plank.

It may work. I cannot test it since I have no access to a Plasma.

That command doesn’t do anything. The words look like it would be what I am looking for, though.

Which desktop file specifically? There’s a few of them you can create.

A desktop entry with the command I posted in the Exec line.

See the link in my previous post.

This is pure speculation from my part. As I said, I cannot test it for not having access to a Plasma DE at the moment.

No luck so far.

The quote type is wrong. Try
qdbus org.kde.kglobalaccel /component/kwin invokeShortcut "ExposeAll"

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That command certainly worked. Thanks

But how do I make it an actual file? I still am not clear which “create new” file to choose. Which one is the correct one? And can I give an icon to it too?

One way would be to use the KDE Menu Editor program, chose “New Item”, and put the command in the “Program” line. You could also make a file named something like showall.desktop (or whatever other name you prefer) in ~/.local/share/applications using the template on
In either case, once you have a desktop file, you should be able to add it to the dock just like any other application.

Got it working with the KDE Menu Editor. Thanks a ton

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