How to configure kernel and what "mask" means

Hello everyone,

After almost two months away from my laptop because of a broken screen, I run a system update and everything’s fine. The problem is I have tlp installed and when I start it I get a message (refer to section marked WARNING here).

I did a quick search and it says mask is to disable something but that confuses me more as I don’t want to disable anything. My first question is; is it safe to run that command considering sometimes my internet connection just goes off.

Second question is how do I configure my kernel with the parameters tlp recommended (refer to section marked SUGGESTION here). I have very poor battery life compared to when I run Windows so I will try anything that can give me some extra juice from my battery.

Thanks a lot

Masking is used when you want to stiop a service from running that gets enable by other packages even though you have disabled it. It prevents it form being started and running.

The configuartion settings for tlp are in


The Arch wiki has more information.


Apologies for the late reply. I’ll try this ASAP and let you know. thanks a lot

If in the end masking can be a last resort if you are unable to stop a service from automatically running and are unable to disable it.

I checked the /etc/tlp.conf the other time and every entry is commented out but when I run tlp-stat I get a bunch of text and some warnings and the commented entries are all on there which is very confusing. Here’s the log entry in its entirety log
If you can assist me in understanding the requirements or what I should I would appreciate it!

Apologies for my very limited knowledge and thank you very much!