How to check if Atlantis Neo was installed?

Hi there,

it is quite a newbie question… I tried EOS for some weeks now with xfce and reinstalled today with KDE Plasma today.
I got the new .iso for that BUT i expected that EOS wallpaper with “neo” in it. I got the old one instead. so… how can i check if i really got the newest version?

I know… rolling release. still i think of it as general question.

Thanks a lot in advance :slight_smile:

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Interim release – An interim release ships a slightly updated version of a recent major release, without the addition of new features or new wallpapers. The fixes these releases contain are, reversed workarounds due to an upstream fix and/or upstream bug fixes or changes that also affect the behaviour of other packages on the ISO. Of course, with these changes, they will also ship all the upstream package updates.

We will release a maximum of two interim ISOs between major releases if needed. This means that each major release isn’t going to have two interim ISOs as a rule. It might as well have one interim release depending on the urgency and timing.

These releases will be carrying the name of the latest major release followed by the additions, respectably, neo and nova.

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If you downloaded the ISO ’ EndeavourOS_Atlantis_neo-21_5.iso’ then this is the latest one.

When the install runs (where you pick online install) you always get the latest packages. Hope this helps.

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The wallpaper you are looking for can be found using the welcome app.

Hi and thanks a lot (to everyone). I didn’t realize that neo is that interim release…