How to change wallpaper

So i want default endeavour OS wallpapers but when i go to change it it shows about 12 wallpapers i thought there were more as shown in the screen shots and videos reviewing it, where do i get the default wallpapers?

not sure what you have seen but my install only has one wallpaper for Endeavour. While there are a few different one’s from releases over the years I’m not sure if they are packaged.

check this thread

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No matter which DE you use, you can easily download/use EOS wallpapers from the “Welcome” app :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your help!

As @shuvashish76 said, check out the Welcome app, there are a lot of wallpapers on there to download. A couple of clicks and you’ll be good to go.

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You can download about 100 (rough guess) wallpapers using the EOS Welcome thingy.

Open the Welcome app, find After install tab and then click Download more EOS wallpapers

You should then be able to choose from a lot more wallpapers (i believe they are downloaded to /usr/share/endeavouros/backgrounds in case you want to delete them after :D)


Yep, once I’d downloaded them using the Welcome app and for my ease of access, I added them to “configure desktop and wallpaper” by navigating to /usr/share/endeavouros/backgrounds using the “add image” button.


There’s the app


that helps finding (locally) and setting up wallpapers.

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I have the i3wm version of Gemini. Just tried the command, it worked to change it for the current session, but immediately reverted to the default Gemini wallpaper when I logged in again.

Must then be some i3wm setting. I’m not using i3wm, but here on the forum we have users who use it. Hope they will chime in to help.

Edit: BTW, do you have package eos-settings-i3wm installed?
Edit2: here you can find more info:

You were correct, there was a config setting to automatically change wallpaper every time the session was started. Thanks!

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