How to allow folders to open with Thunar by default after installing Catfish?

After installing Catfish (file-search utility) I noticed the following entry in /usr/share/applications/mimeinfo.cache:


As I understand, the org.xfce.Catfish.desktop entry has been added by the system. Does anybody know how to prevent this? I have tried to delete this entry so that a folder would be opened in Thunar and not in Catfish, but it gets added on package install/update.

Note: I extensively edited the post and it is a question now.


I moved this topic. The big report section is for reporting bugs with EndeavourOS applications and installations. There is a global sticky on the forum reflecting this as a friendly reminder. EndeavourOS does not maintain the package. If you think there is a bug then report it upstream to this maintainer. They can be found here:


Fair enough! I thought that EndevourOS was improperly updating the file ( /usr/share/applications/mimeinfo.cache) and thus my report.

I’ve always had this issue after installing Catfish myself on any Arch-based system with XFCE.

Settings > Default Applications > Utilities and switching back the default file manager to Thunar always did the trick for me.