How to adjust automatically created systemd-boot entries upon kernel upgrade?

So I have one of those ASUS laptops, the ones where the speakers don’t work unless you provide an ACPI override. Now I have them working, and I’ve done so by providing an “initrd /(system id?, 6896896 something)/acpi_override” in the line above the real initrd entry. However, this boot entry is erased every time the kernel upgrades which is annoying.
Is there a configuration file I can edit to enter this line in that position automatically when the kernel upgrades?

How to modify kernel options

In systemd-boot, it is actually quite simple. You edit the appropriate entry file which can be found on your EFI partition in the loader/entries directory. Each entry is a boot option on the menu and each has a line called options. You can modify these entries directly, however, these changes may be overwritten when packages are installed or updated.

To make the changes, instead of modifying the entries, modify the file /etc/kernel/cmdline which is a one-line file containing a list of kernel options. Then run sudo reinstall-kernels which will populate the entries and regenerate the initrds.