How to add GRUB into the boot menu?

Here it is:

So instead of making a new EFI partition, use the existing one? I don’t really understand

Type nano /etc/fstab. You can navigate inside the text editor with arrow keys.
There will be a line that starts with UUID=E075-3F43
Change it to UUID=6D3B-E8EF
Hit Ctrl+S, then Ctrl+X (these will save and exit) and Ctrl+D (to continue boot)

That fixed it, thank you!

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If you were installing in UEFI mode yes. You would can use manual partitioning in the installer and edit the existing /efi partition in windows so that it is not formatted but you are telling the installer to use it. So you also have to set it as /boot/efi and flag it as /boot and also create your other partitions for EOS. Then when it installs it should be using the same /efi partion as Windows.

It looks like you have installed it on MBR which is a different. So i assume it requires a separate /boot partition because it can’t boot from UEFI. If the UUID is wrong then it’s not going to work either.

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