How to access and control (Remote) EndeavorOS from Windows via RDP or VNC

I install EndeavorOS with Cinnamon on one PC at home, PC running EndeavorOS in living room, I have another PC running windows (this is my main pc) in bedroom.
I usually work in the bedroom, with a Windows PC.
I want to use a windows PC in the bedroom to remotely run EndeavorOS in the living room, what should I do?
both PCs: EndeavorOS PC and windows PC are on the same network layer, and ping sees each other.
I’m just getting used to EndeavorOS, and Linux. So there are a lot of basic unknowns.
I hope you can guide me

What exactly are you trying to achieve?

I want to remote EndeavorOS PC from Windows.
I have guacamole, so i want to use guacamole, for remote, guacamole supports VNC and RDP so i want to use one of those two protocols to remote

So, which would be the server, and which the client?

In case your Windows is server, you just intall guacamole-client from the AUR on your EnOS machine and see where it takes you. :wink:

the problem is I don’t know how to install Guacamole Client on endeavoros pc

Just type yay -S guacamole-client in a terminal.