How quickly do kernel updates roll up?

Given that I am still new on Arch I am monitoring how things work out related to updates pretty closely. So I checked to see how quickly a new kernel ( stable: 5.2.7 2019-08-06) will show up in Arch.
I am surprised to see that two days later this kernel is still not offered?

Interesting side fact is that Manjaro, which sometimes people dismiss because they delay updates, offered the .7 kernel to their testing branch already yesterday.

it is stil in testing… also that versioning also dont tell is a security update or maintainance or some new functions… in Manjaro if a new kernel goes online, people bother already with RC :slight_smile: thats 3 months of developing…if a kernel is tested enough to go online is fine, it can really be a issue for some people if its not tested enough…but sometimes we get faster depend actually what type of update it is i think,

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You can enable the testing repo if you’re really keen on having kernel- and package updates faster, because that’s what Manjaro is doing when you select those kernels.
More about on enabling the testing repo’s over here:


No need for me to switch branches, it was just curiosity and apparently lack of knowledge :slight_smile:
I wasn’t aware that Arch uses the same branch concept, or I guess better said the Manjaro branches just feed from the respective Arch branches.
Thanks for clarifying…


If your computer has an AMD Ryzen CPU, you might want to avoid the kernel upgrade to 5.2.8. After updating, my Asrock deskmini A300 started producing coloured artefacts wherever the mouse went. It was OK on my Intel NUC. I reverted to the LTS kernel (4.19) for my AMD-based Asrock.


was mine to, but was more in combination with composition in Xfwm4 i assume ? i only had it after the update btw, but wasn’t really the kernel update i thought, but is something on combination i guess :slight_smile:

linux-lts did the job

Thanks for your information. I’ll watch for an update to Xfwm4 and see if that solves the problem. I seem to spend a lot of time reinstalling Arch Linux either straight or via endeavouros. Luckily, I have the installation of Arch down to a fine art (10 mins max then some tweaking of xfce4!).

this link solve also for linux kernel, Xfce 4.14 Vega video graphics issue and fix in my case i didnt off , xpresent it worked also without distortion

Thanks to your tip about Xfwm4, I read up on it. The upgrade to Xfwm4 was definitely the cause. I disabled the selection of “Enable display compositing” in Settings>Window Manager Tweaks>Compositor. That stopped the coloured artefacts but affected transparency. I then installed ‘compton’ which we all use in Openbox. I ran compton and - hey presto- my video is backto normal.

I checked the link. I removed ‘compton’ ran

xfwm4 --vblank=off --replace

once and my video was restored even after restarting.