How often do you reinstall and how much does one Eos install "survive"?

stat -c %w /

Technically, a rolling distro like EOS should be immortal (as long as you don’t break it), the only time I’ve reinstalled is when building a new rig, or there has been a catastrophic degree of failure between the keyboard and the chair.


Because I am most likely the biggest noob on here lol I reinstall like I change my socks.

I had Arch with i3 on my Alienware pc, panicked about the nvidia drivers 550 so tried to downgrade. lol good learning. but didn’t go well. For some reason lightdm was getting messed up when I removed the drivers. tried blacklisting and installing the new ones and tried with nouveau. lol then just decided I’ll use Arch on my desktop when I have the money to buy amd gpu.

Yesterday I installed Arch on my Macbook Air 2019. lol I’ll be well chuffed if I can keep it for a couple of weeks hahahah.

One things for sure tho, the arch install is a walk in the park now with the amount of times I’ve installed it. Must be more than a 100 times by now.

But I’m not giving up.

I’ve got some crazy passion for Linux. The funny thing is… lol I don’t have a clue why.

From the perspective of someone with close to thirty years of *nix experience, the magic never really goes away, and while a lot of it becomes second nature, every day’s a learning day. I’d like to think that using Linux keeps me sharp(er) mentally, than I would have otherwise been in my later years…!