How much you earn from your WFH business

I Want to explore how people make money working from home and running their own business / freelancing. This discussion is aimed at exploring partnerships, scaling to another global location, repeating it by someone, recruiting people with similar skill, mentoring.

If this is somewhat controversial for you, at least can brag about your earnings per month here. I hope i didn’t break any forum rule here.

EDIT: This topic did not get the traction i was expecting. Let me begin with mine

I can code with javascript, python, php and make websites. create auto trading software (for any market). i make about $100 on an average per month.
i also have quit smoking last year which would have cost me about $30 per month. i have doubled that amount and invest in Index fund and some stock. The idea is to beat inflation in the long run, if not make astronomical returns.

Why have you expected that?
Not many people wish to tell their income on Linux forum, it’s kinda private matter :upside_down_face:

I can say that i worked from home for years, mainly in web-design / front-end field.
Now working in crypto field, for myself.

The goal for me - never compromise freedom / control for money, pays pretty damn good :partying_face:

Good thinking :+1:

If you have some offering or want to hire, you can try here

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your reply is really motivating.

i thought people are still anonymous with their nicks. :innocent:

can explain some things that you wish, someone told you when you started out in the crypto field. also if it is OK, can you explain a bit detail about your work in crypto.

Of course not, magic will be gone then! :grin:

All i can say about crypto, mind it’s tools for what they are:

  • BTC = your own personal long-term bank.
  • XMR = your anonymous ways for fiat cash in / out.
  • ETH / BNB (networks) = ways to trade between different coins, like stock market.
  • DAI = most safe stablecoin (always = 1 USD) for now, as it’s not centralized and SEC can’t get it yet.
  • all memecoins = very risky way to gain a lot relatively fast.

Obviously stay off any clearnet based exchanges, never store your crypto there, as you don’t actually own your stuff and being tracked, it’s not safe.

Also try to keep your environment safe, do all your work inside Whonix VM and use only safe wallets there like Electrum / official Monero wallet.

P.S. Oh, and don’t sell all your belongings, wife and kids to then bring all of that cash in crypto :rofl:
Always play safe, only with what you can afford to loose :pensive:


nice summary. thanks @keybreak.
seems you put in a lot of work.

reg DAI, pegging any currency will not work in the long run. also all the currencies should always be talked or thought in pairs. so USD gets its value based on how much it is worth in another currency or alteast how much things it can buy. hope i am making some sense here.

Yep, still it’s best we can do for now, because SEC is certainly on USDT / USDC.
Surely some better stablecoins will come down the road :upside_down_face:

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