How much have your computing habits/opinions changed since using Linux?

Title should be self-explanatory.
Reason I ask this, is because I came across an old chatlog from May this year, where I stated the folowing:

Let the big boys show off with their fancy Arch installs, which they customized themselfs… Too much trouble for me.
I’ll choose an easy to use, pre-configured distro, with all the essentials pre-installed above that any day!

Suffice to say, even if it’s only 4 months later, my ideas have radically changed to something more in the lines of:

  • Desktop Environments are bloat, use WM instead
  • 1000+ installed packages are bloat!
  • Ram usage is over 1,5GB, where is the culprit??
  • Hey, like my new rice?
  • Who needs GUI, when there are perfectly useable CLI alternatives
  • I use Arch btw…

uhm… yeah :sweat_smile:

First two pointers, are a bit of dramatization, but to a certain degree they hold truth for me.


I have been using Linux for more than 25 years so I suspect my computing habits have changed substantially over that time period. :nerd_face:


If i had more time I would dive into the tiling window manager arena. I do like the idea and look. I would play with awesome wm but the set up is just soooo…involved. Maybe if I could talk @dglt into sending me his dotfiles. :crazy_face:

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Truthfully I haven’t gone full WM yet though,
my newest laptop runs a fully featured KDE desktop, because of practicality.
It’s the one I use for my media consumption, so it made more sense for me to have some settings more readily accessible.

My workstation, the Odroid n2+ and my Dell Latitude all run on I3, the workstation also has XFCE installed as backup.

Haven’t really looked at awesome

aha, you where one of the pioneers then back in the day?

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It’s nice and a good learning curve to use one or more WM, I’ve done it in the past with DWM, i3, Awesome and others, but I don’t feel like it anymore.

Nowadays I prefer the mouse and any iso that gives me a pre-configured installation is welcome.


Luckily that’s one of the freedoms we have gained by using Linux.
Before changing over to linux, the whole concept of freely changing DE’s, or even having multiples at the same time was alien to me.

Also, those bullet points I mentioned are my personal views, I have absolutely no intention of becoming the bloat police.
I honestly don’t care what others do to their systems.

I just found it funny how my own ideas could change so radically over a short amount of time

IMO i3 (or its wayland counterpart sway) is a little easier to configure and use.
It’s actually much easier to learn than you might think.


14 years, linux… some habits stays, and also some habits improved… as DE flavours, Xfce and Lxqt came after , lxqt+xfwm best of both world… also like i3wm…

but i dont do multi DE install generally also as multi distro :slight_smile: that didnt changed also.

always one desktop…but since Arch-based some terminal based tasks is improved not like hardcore pro, just doing fine on certain level, just enough to keep running :slight_smile:

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I guess my opinion has changed the most since coming to Arch based rolling release versions. I dislike Windows even more and as much as i like Debian it’s just too far behind and i don’t think it needs to be. I’m not an lts kernel user much anyway and even Manjaro is holding back too much being an Arch based distro but they have their own philosophy. I’m happy with right where I’m at although i like a lot of Linux Distro’s i can’t run them all. Well at least not all of them at the same time. Just a few…

EndeavourOS it is. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Not really, i have stepped in a scene about 2 years ago already, started from Manjaro (well after testing of other distros), then here on EndeavourOS / Arch.

There is only one thing i’ve learned:

  1. Never even think about thinking that something like Deepin DE will get better with some time and help :rofl:
    It’s always gets worse, as it’s not community project (which is not even clearly stated anywhere).

Other than that i’m still same, except some experience and a lof of fun on a way with new programs, getting deeper in Wine / Linux gaming and music production… :yum:

Linux is great!

I only regret i haven’t started earlier to use it as daily driver and was hanging on Windows 7, until it was impossible to continue on newest hardware without getting in massive trouble and obviously impossible to use Windows 10 crap. :upside_down_face:

P.S. Oh i actually remembered 2nd point:

  1. Nvidia support / bug reports on Linux is infinitely better than on Windows, because you actually get some response, instead of complete dead silence :rofl:

I had no idea prior running Linux, coz it’s still same damn company :laughing:

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For me the change was there. From time to time I have these enlightened moments when I just say to myself: “Wow, I can do THAT with my computer?”

For me the difference is when I have to access a computer remotely. SSH is better to remote desktop. So if I can get TUI application instead of GUI then it is a clear choice.

Good for you, I guess? :sweat_smile:

This reminds me old saying about Skyrim (a game from Bethesda) “Mod it till it breaks and then mod it a little bit less.”

Deepin has gone deep six! :rofl:


New habits since I left Windows?

Don’t reboot after every update.
And I’m hitting every suspicious link in my mail! :joy:


Like someone else on the thread I first looked at Linux about 25 years ago, unlike that person I just played around with it on and off over the years waiting till I felt it was ready for prime time. About three years ago with Mint Cinnamon I felt it was ready for prime time. A year after that and being on Manjaro I dropped Win 10 altogether. I’m still mostly a GUI person, but willing to deal with the command line when I have to. The only real base habit that has changed is how I look for software now, I found that for the most part regardless of OS most of the base habits are the same.

Installing fresh OS - the joy of choosing what version, what DE… it’s mind-blowing.

Not having to activate the OS…bliss. How many threads are actually online regarding only activation issues?

Choosing for real what I want to install, my own SO in my own freaking way. Trust is lost on M$, no way back.

Having the pleasure of tweaking the OS…

Discovering new software… having to choose what suits you best…

Not having to chase down offers, price reduction on antivirus, office or other things.


…Not much, realistically speaking. But then I am not into Linux for any of the Cool reasons: I only marginally care about Free software (unlike free software), I think Windows 10 is a perfectly fine and functioning operating system and is far more worried about what the Social Media platforms are doing, and I am old enough to have used DOS as an actual OS, not just as something you load Windows 95 on top of. So the idea of a terminal is not exactly new to me.

That said I enjoy testing things but I went thru a flurry of things during my first months. I settled fairly quickly on Arch-ish distros and then I have been DE-hopping within limits (basically Xfce o Cinnamon).
I am right now trying Gnome in earnest for the first time since 3.26.


I agree WSL. :nauseated_face:

After twenty years of using Linux, of course, my computing habits have also changed, and of course the world has changed in the meantime.

That one was obviously meant as a joke, in response to that chatlog from May where I said “Let the big boys show off with their fancy Arch installs yada yada…”

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Is it weird to say that I did a full loop?

Initially, yes, while getting used to everything my habits were all over the place. Whatever was the flavor of that month for me…

Now I’m used to it – where I can use it as I could Windows. Sure, fundamentally they’re different, but the approach is the same: both systems break eventually, so I try to fix the issue myself, realize I can’t do that, look up a fix, if I’m too thick to figure that out, I just ask folks for help (like y’all). At the end of the day, they fill in the same function for me.

No matter how cool I think Plasma is sometimes or how dope a WM looks, I’ve settled for Xfce and a bunch of shortcuts, now I’m just trying to get used to using CLI as much as possible – which is probably the only noticeable habit change.