How is kernel 5.6-2?

I received a text from my husband that 5.6-2 arrived in the repo, has anyone problems with it? I’m not in the position to test it any time soon.

Hi @Bryanpwo, great to hear you here…

I just updated it cause I had some problems with Mirrors now resolved
For now, it works like a charm.

The only known issue but not due to new Kernel is about SAMBA. Here in France a big Provider FREE is still using smbt1 as protocol then someone on Arch updated new Samba version that removed this protocol !!! the result is, we couldn’t reach our network HDD for a while but @FredBezies found a solution with AGP protocol and some setup…

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All looks good here :slight_smile:

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So, no wifi problems or anything?

sorry, can’t confirm WiFi as my laptop PSU has gone AWOL and am awaiting a new one (hopefully tomorrow!)

I pass throw a Linksys before Wifi so couldn’t tell you I don’t have on my desktop…
Don’t see any complain here about this update, maybe tomorrow !!!

Thanks, the both of you for answering. I will tell him to wait with updating. :wink:

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I was little scared about this update in listening Linus but for now, it’s rolling…

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This one isn’t a major change, I think the only exciting things were Wireguard VPN, USB4, Virtualbox improvements and Alexa being supported.

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I will test later the Virtualbox, I found my Ram little UP form what it was before !!
I will reboot to see exactly if something changed with this …

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Just updated a few minutes ago. I’ve had no problems - so far. Hopefully I haven’t jinxed myself. :laughing:

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  1. I’m not the one behind the idea of using afp instead of Samba for network HDD share :slight_smile:
  2. I just made a video on it :slight_smile:

The only problem I saw with this kernel? It frozes on start on old intel GPU, like the one on my manjaro unstable laptop… I had to install LTS kernel to make it boot.

Updating right now on 2 computers. One with Intel Wifi and no LAN. Could be fun

Sorry AGP is an old graphic card protocol !! AFP so but @FredBezies is modest, his video was very helpfull.

On AMD Ryzen 1600 this update is very good for now, finally the RAM on boot is 522Mo, then little more with screenshot opened :


I’ll test it in a bit. I have a few things to finish up first.

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Again, Thank you so far. See you tomorrow, it’s bedtime over here, just had a remark from the prison guard… No, i’m really just kidding, I have a lot of respect for the nurses and doctors over here. :heart:


Have a good night @Bryanpwo, see you tomorrow, keep the force.


Like expected nvidia-dkms needs to be patched. At least the 390 series.

The 440.64 didn’t see any problems…on MSI Geforce 750 Ti