How I install JWM DE and delete XFCE

Comment to all Comunity on these days install LXDE but have problems whith OpenBox and other things because its impossible delete the XFCE offline DE got errors to this things I use this command pacman -Rnc xfce4 xfce4-goodies
and give me a error in the terminal xfce4-terminal dependency broken

I like put LXDE because its more light and use less RAM than XFCE
but a friend recommend to me JWM

Are you still interested in putting together an LXDE setup? I’m off again Saturday. Maybe I will try and put together an LXDE install guide for you.

You are the guy with a little 2GB RAM laptop correct?

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Ice-wm can also work very well in your system, you can have a look at it:ñol)

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JWM like Icewm are both window managers and not DEs like xfce4.


Yes its correct thanks to your help

I see this DM but I never see it and its very difficult for me