How does one view the end of a search result, or is it even posible?

As experiment I do a google search using the word starwars and I get this:

Over 1 billion results. There s no real reason, but I d like to see the last few results rather than the first few. Can I put something in the search string that will tell search engine to give me the results in reverse?

type in ‘mojeek’ and try to use that. they might have 25 or so results. easy to see the last one :wink:
I can run to the bottom of DDG results all the time.

so your question is really how do I do it in google and nothing else?
to which my answer would be: try another engine
answer #2: delimiters

great question though

Right now there’s no reason to even use Goolag search at all, since AI boom - it became absolute censored :horse: :poop:, constantly showing mismatches and non-sense. as well as payed stuff in it’s results, compared to what they’ve achieved before.


Personally, I would click about 100 000 000 times on load more results to get there.

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Surly you all jest. Mine isn t an unreasonable question, and google is beside the point. Imagine any search engine.

I can add


at the end of a search result, and can skip ahead somewhat, (300 in the above example), but it will not go forward one billion; only a few hundred.

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It’s Friday and this being EndeavourOS pub , so … :beers:


This is the kind of thing that AI ought to be useful for…

I can’t help thinking that the last few results would be Ewok porn though :see_no_evil:

Maybe it is unreasonable. For a normal, smalish database (???) it may be reasonable, but what if Google’s search engine does not know the end result until it gets there. That means it has to search until it ends and then report the last entries. Can you imagine how much computing power this might take for frivolous searches asked over and over. Without knowing Google’s search algorithm it is just a Friday afternoon beer and pretzel conversation.

duck duck go is identically afflicted with nonsense, real bad searches, and a similar disposition to hide what you are seeking and pushing the same things as googol. DDG behaves just like G’s kid brother these days.

Well it’s because they don’t have own index…
So far only Brave search seems relatively sane to me, because it have it’s own index…
Searx not so much, because it’s collection of indexes of all the soup from Goolag / Bing trained engines.

that may be true but ddg used to deliver a search that was like googol’s 15 years ago. googol purposefully–about 10 years ago in my estimation–committed itself to not giving you what you were looking for and instead the opposite which only makes sense in a kafka story. ddg scrapes the same waters but did not rig their algorithms as crooked as googol…until lately.

upstart Brave is ok, still shaky but they will get there.
searx gave me content disturbing on some levels (sexually deviate/perverse) when doing a simple search for something as mundane as an omeleltte recipe. that’s the first and last time I searx’d.
mojeek is beautiful. no powerhouse but interesting/unusual stuff and eye-opening peer review from major universities that don’t make the news or the other search engines.

I was never ever a bookmark guy until searching became a miserable experience.
I digress.

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That’s the whole point!

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Of course, it has perfect defaults! :rofl:


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