How do you keep an orphan package installed?

Is there a configuration file somewhere you can mark a program so that an orphan sweep will not remove it as when you do maintenance as outlined by fbodymechanic?

PlayonLinux is the only program I’ve found that lets me run Topaz Denoise Windows based Photo programs on Linux, and it is no longer supported, don’t want to delete it.

You could mark it as explicitly installed:

sudo pacman -D --asexplicit X

Replace X with the name of the package.

sudo pacman -D --asexplicit packagename

Thanks guys, the command seems to have executed…

[mark@mark-optiplex9020 ~]$ sudo pacman -D --asexplicit playonlinux
[sudo] password for mark:
playonlinux: install reason has been set to ‘explicitly installed’
[mark@mark-optiplex9020 ~]$

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