How Do You Endeavour?

  • Work
  • Media
  • Games
  • Personal
  • Networking
  • World Domination

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just a fun poll


FUN seems missing to me in the poll, as “World Domination” doesn’t exactly fit my endeavours. :wink:

Although, thinking twice, “Networking” in the community-sense could be it. I’ll vote for that one now, to spare you any hastle.

Besides, noting towards all your polling-endeavour - what is the meaning of “Personal”? - If it is meant in the “philosophical sense” of personal computing, how meaningful can your poll be at all, after all (as 75% of votes have gone by for that one)?

Just remember, comparing will always get you into trouble, as the wise say. :wink:

…dumbfoundedly yours! :v:


You don’t use

KDE Plasma


with you EnOS?



Indeed, Plasma is my favored DE, but I also use others… yet I think Gnome is really crappy.



Agree " Fun " missing. (I like idea of World Domination) :innocent:

@pebcak @anon11595408 BTW you both wrong :wink: :rofl: it all fun !! :vulcan_salute:


Mai mi pen ha. :rofl:

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GNOME dominates my world! :wink: :rofl:

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We’re not giving you a chance to derail this thread again, because Plasma is the best DE.

So simple and so true. :wink:

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Think find GNU/Linux have this badge :wink:


Again? :thinking:

Have you seen where we are:


Everybody is entitled to have an opinion.

As a wise man once said: “Opinions are like butts. Everyone has one.” :rofl:

Have a :beer: and have fun!


You too! - Have some FUN!

Do gnomes count as everybody?

Not meaning to be unfriendly, and certainly not meaning to bully any Gnome-lovers, just trying to joke around here.

For fun.

Sorry if I come across as harsh here and there, it is in my tongue.

BLAH… BLAH… BLAH… said the knight :rofl:

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Thank you. Do you remember every one of my blurbs? It seems to remind me of one, way back.
If thou art seeking an excusation of mine, it is hereby granted upon though with quitted remorse!

Just so I can hang out with you guys.


KDE is king! I don’t know about world domination but it dominates my world. :rofl:

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No take captain KDE long :rofl:


KING Dominus Earthum