How do I keep my setups after some updates

i have noticed after some updates, that my preferred setups get changed.
a while back I was using arcolinux, and they used meld to compare configs.
please can someone explain how to keep preferred setup so they are not affected by updates.

Exactly what are you referring to? I don’t have any issue with updates.


Updates really shoudn’t change your configs unless you are modifying system files. Updates shouldn’t ever write into your home folder. I agree with @ricklinux, we really need a specific example to help.


I had my panel up top (xfce), I had set it to solid colour in prefs, after an update, it became transparent, another time touchpad, set to edge scroll, this changed after an update, sorry for not being specific, really not sure which update, this was meant as a general question as i didnt know if I was doing something wrong and you guys do an awesome job by the way

@atg you can certainly use timeshift or clonezilla to take snapshots before upgrades…

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