How do I get Nvidia drivers?

My laptop where I want to try Endeavour os(well , my secondary one), that’s currently on windows 10, has a mx150 GPU + 7300hq+8gb ram and an SSD

How do I get the Nvidia drivers installed without working too much on them?

Like, I’m asking cuz on manjaro they had this lovely part of the .iso where you had an option with someone like “boot [os name] with Nvidia drivers” and the thing also went online, looked and installed the Nvidia drivers.

The GPU(mx150) never got overheated and didn’t use it anyway cuz I wasn’t Gaming on it lol, but Brave used it cuz it has some sort of GPU acceleration that enables users to use GPU for a smoother experience

sudo pacman -S nvidia-inst nvidia-dkms nvidia-settings

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this is all for the Brave browser? not gaming? use stock nouveau.
I’ve used acceleration with Brave and nvidia was not a requirement…for me at least.
am I the minority? never had no problem doing anything with nouveau.

**opinions will vary but make darned sure you know which version you are looking for in nvidia since there’s been some deprecation in some drivers. even though they offer the deprecated ones they don’t update/support them anymore. That really is as messed up as it sounds. had on old geforce and could not abide by that.

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