How do I downgrade to xorg-server version 1.19?

I am using KDE and I was wondering how would I downgrade to xorg-server version 1.19?

There are xorg 1.19 packages in the AUR. However, you would really need to know what you are doing to properly get them installed.

Arch/EOS is meant to roll forward as a unit and trying to roll back to a very old version of core software is more than likely going to end badly.

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Is this due to dependency issues or something?

The short answer is “yes”

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In linux it is not all about dependencies. The system is very complex. Even if all depencies are fulfilled/satisfied the risk is very high to break things if you replace components with older versions. Why would you want to to that?

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On Arch Linux forum pages somebody claimed that when they downgraded to an older version of xorg-server it stopped the chromium lag issues but I think that only applies to people who are using XWayland but non-the-less I wanted to try it.

If I was in your place (if you really intend to do it) I would first make a dry run in a virtualized environment. That’s not exactly the same, but gives you a rough idea if it might work.

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That Xorg package is from a year ago, so much development has happened in the meantime that uses the current Xorg version.

As already suggested, try it on a VM first because downgrading Xorg is asking for trouble.

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For sure I will try it in a VM but I actually now have a question, what do I type after typing yay to get the downgraded version?

I think in this case you have to remove it, since the package you’re looking for isn’t in the cache anymore. The xorg-server version 19 has been flagged out of date since January this year btw.

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Maybe you could try installing plasma-wayland-session. This one allows you to choose between starting plasma standard or with wayland backend (drop down menu upper left corner in display manager). Maybe that works better with your hardware.
But I really wonder if that issue is worth the effort. If you do it to learn and gain experience, it’s a difference.

Installing an ancient version of xorg from AUR isn’t the kind of thing someone gives you a command to try and you type it in. It is the kind of thing where you experiment, maybe break your system and then spend time researching how to make it work again with that version of xorg.

:point_up: This. Given the level of effort this could potentially take and the minimal chance of it resolving your issue, I don’t think this is where I would be spending my time if I was in your shoes. On the other hand, if you are doing it to learn, great. But in that case, you have quite a bit of learning in front of you.


there are Repo’s for older Xorg packages… downgrading those is also meaning know t o know what you are doing. :slight_smile:


I actually tried it, it was slightly glitchy so I am not going to use it.